Custom Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Kristin Kennedy Jewelry

The Process:

Each piece is individually hand created and carved in wax using traditional methods, becoming one of a kind art pieces.  The lost wax casting process is utilized with finishing and final stone setting.  Many collections are created with standard gold carats determined by collection.  Customization is available within each collection.

The gold carat choices are available in 14ky, 14kw, 18ky, 18kw.

Each gemstone or pearl are carefully selected based on the highest quality, color and shape.

The diamonds selected are conflict free and are typically SiG in quality.

Rose cut diamonds have a unique grading system. These special diamonds do not have a pavilion, but have a grander top surface for the carat weight and are old mine European cut for sparkle.

Custom designs may specify other quality diamonds.

Many specific gemstones can be selected based on inquiry.


Custom design begins with a collaboration between my creativity and skill and the vision of the customer. 

Typical design begins with sketches, a wax carving, a wax approval prior to final cast. 

Individual design can be created locally, regionally or internationally.

Many gemstones, or pearls can be chosen and hand selected for color, shape or dimension. 

Each collection can be customized for metal type, size, or gemstone.