The Coin Collection

Coin Collection Pendant

Inspired from historical, limited edition replications. Designs rich in tradition and timeless.

Petal Collection

Inspired from organic shapes found in nature. Pieces created with individual attention and detail to fluidity and shape.

Pearl Collection

Inspiration from once it came. The fluidity and natural shape encircle each individual piece, capturing the organic beauty and awe of each pearl.

Continuum Collection

Continuous, eternal, elegance everyday.

Honeycomb Collection

Honeycomb collection

A micro grid of eternity. Swirling and simple in design, circles intertwining in fluidity with a flash of sparkle.

Sticks & Twigs Collection

: Texture and shape with organic design, influenced from the mountains of New Hampshire.

Mykonos Collection

Color and rich detail predominate this collection with inspiration from historical pieces and travel from afar.

Link Collection

Inspired from classic design and everyday wear. Timeless and elegant.

The Opal Collection

A myriad of color and shape within each design created like a painter’s palate.

City Lights Collection

Inspired from flying at night, overlooking the grids of cities. Style is influenced with attention to texture and color and the vibrancy of cities.